AI Digital Smart Device

Product Description
LED - Indicator Light and Digital connection.


  • Input power: single-phase AC 200V~400V
  • With blue indicator light after power on.
  • Front-end filter screen with a Self-timer function, enable operators to set up the time for cleaning and maintenance. (Three time modes: 250HR, 500HR, 1000HR) (Resetting time modes by pressing a restart button after the cleaning and maintenance.)
  • Three is a digital difference pressure gauge to detect differential pressure on both the front-end and back-end. Determine the blockage of the front-end and back-end filter by referring to the factory default settings or the Self-timer. LED (yellow) light for warning front-end filter blockage and LED (red) light for warning back-end filter blockage.
  • Combined with AI intelligent monitoring, it provides PLC dry contact, which can be directly connected to the machine to display reminders function.
  • With WI-FI, the digital data is instantly transmitted to the terminal console from the cloud or server via the router, and the machine is monitored 24hr. (suitable to all network devices)
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World Premiere!Artificial Intelligence

    • Intelligence alert :
    • 1. AI combined with digital difference pressure gauge to monitor front-end and back-end filter blockages and alerts with the LED light.
    • 2. With timing function at the front-end for accurate detection.
    • 3. Instant cleaning and maintenance make the machine operate smoothly and improve work efficiency.

      WI-FI (Optional function) :
    • The digital data is instantly transmitted to customers via the cloud, and the machine under surveillance 24hr. (suitable to all network devices)

  • Industrial applications :
  • 1. Provide PLC dry contacts for easy installation.
  • 2. Achieving an unmanned smart factory with a smart machine tool.
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