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  • In a simulated experiment where the oil mist was generated and recycled, the maximum amount of oil that can be recycled for reuse is 1200cc per hour.
    LOMA Industrial Oil Mist Collectors
    • Filtration precision of up to 99%.
    • LOMA-A Series : For use with oil-based cutting fluid + Heavy Fumes Pollution Only
    • LOMA-P Series : For use with water-soluble cutting fluid + Air purification
    • LOMA-H Series : For use with oil-based cutting fluid + Light cutting
    LOMA Oil Mist Air Cleaner
  • Up to 99% oil mist recycling and reuse.
    LOMA Smoke Dust Air Cleaner
  • LED - Indicator Light and Digital connection.
    LOMA  AI Digital Smart Device
  • Cutting Fluid
    LOMA Coolant Purify Machine
  • We suitable for water soluble cutting fluid processing and Oily cutting fluid processing
    LOMA Multi-Chip Vacuum Cleaner
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