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Advantages of LOMA CNC Mist Collector

  1. Environmental Production & Energy Reclamation

    LOTUS oil mist filter uses a washable filter and environmentally friendly materials, has an ultra-high oil mist collection efficiency of up to 98%, and can be reused, protecting the environment while achieving maximum energy recovery benefits.

  2. Save Energy & Reduce Carbon

    Our industrial mist collector With the low power consumption and high-efficiency operation system, electricity consumption and carbon dioxide discharge can be reduced to meet the international trend of energy-saving and carbon reduction.

  3. Air Purification

    LOMA Series CNC mist collector can capture and remove oil mist particles from the air, in the simulation experiment, and the maximum amount of recoverable oil per hour is 1200cc helps to reduce airborne contaminants, leading to cleaner and healthier air in industrial and manufacturing environments, reducing oil mist in the air decreases the risk of respiratory problems and skin irritations for workers. 

Lotus Innovation is a professional CNC oil mist collector manufacturer in Taiwan, our oil mist collector brand【LOMA】can provides the most comprehensive oil mist recovery products, If you need industrial mist collectors for your CNC machine, please contact Lotus Innovation industrial mist collector manufacturer.

What are oil mist and dust? How are they produced?

Oil mist and dust particles consist of fine suspended particulate matter (PM2.5) that are gathered on a large scale in the gases and smog compounds created when impact pyrolysis or high-temperature gasification occurs during the processing of solids and liquids in CNC machines. 

Dust particles generally refer to particles that can be observed by the naked eye and which are suspended for a certain amount of time in the air due to air convection. 

● The particles are 5µm or smaller; single particles are generally invisible to the naked eye.
● Dust particles 10µm or smaller can be absorbed by the human body.
● Oil smoke and mist particles 2.5µm or smaller may accumulate in the blood through the alveoli in the lungs and have enormous adverse effects on health.

What effects do oil mist and dust have on the body?

The sizes and compositions of particles generated from machine processing differ, depending on the workmanship and the underlying metal materials. These particles contained in oil smoke and mist are mostly ultra-fine micron-grade dust. According to the test data provided by German IFA, the diameter of a particle contained in oil smoke and mist is between 0.1 and 1µm and particles with a diameter below 1 pm can enter the bloodstream directly after they pass through pulmonary alveoli to result in serious health hazards. Possible risks associated with long-term exposure include allergy, asthma, pulmonary emphysema, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, liver cancer, premature birth of a baby, among others, and it increases the death rate.

Therefore, it is important to install an oil mist collector on your CNC machine. 

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