YCPM-380 Coolant Purify Machine

Product Description
Dirty cutting fluid can be filtered into clean cutting fluid. Moreover, CNC coolant filter system can extend the life of the tool and save the cost of coolant.


  • CNC coolant filter system can be used for CNC milling machine and lathe machine.
  • Keep coolant quality, Extend tool life.
  • Reducing the cost of coolant replace.
  • Movable, No consumables, No electricity required.


The Power Required   General high-pressure air (for pneumatic tools)
Recommended Pressure Value kg/cm2 2.5
Minimum Start Air Pressure Value kg/cm2 1.7
Effective Flow L/HR 380
Chassis Material   Iron covered with paint
Size cm 42x23x77
Weight kg 28
Applicable Conditions   70°C below the water, water-soluble liquid water-soluble cutting fluid (coolant)
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