YCVC-180 Multi-Chip Vacuum Cleaner

We suitable for water soluble cutting fluid processing and Oily cutting fluid processing


  • › Steel processing chip
  • › Aerospace processing aluminum chip
  • › Copper processing chips
  • › The metal mud of tank bottom
  • › Can also be used as an oil suction machine(oil pump) or water suction machine(water pump)


Model Unit YCVC-180
The Power Required   General high pressure air (for pneumatic tools)
Recommended Pressure Value kg/cm2 4.8
Filter Range mm More than 0.3mm
Effective Flow L/min 180
Total Volume of the Filter Tank L 9
Filter Tank Material   Stainless steel (304)
Size cm 65x31x85
Weight kg 60
Applicable Conditions   70°C below the water water-soluble liquidwater – soluble or oily cutting fluid(coolant) lubricating oilNot suitable for solvents