About us

LOMA is an international company and has its eyes on the global market. It has obtained SGS, TTR, and CE test report, providing customers with peace of mind for all of its products. LOMA’s products are required not only to pass internal standard ISO inspections, but also inspections performed by internationally accredited institutions.


Particulate Matter

Particulate Matter (also known as PM2.5) refers to particles smaller than 2.5µm in diameter suspended in the air. PM2.5 particles include many chemical substances and the chemical reactions that result in the production of these substances can be extremely complex.

Health Effects

Particulate pollutants are one of the main causes of poor air quality in Taiwan. In addition to affecting air quality, particulate pollutants in the atmosphere can be harmful to people’s health by entering the body via the nose and throat.

Regulatory Actions

The Environmental Protection Administration continues to toughen stationary pollution source emission standards, fuel sulfur content standards, vehicle emission standards, as well as automotive gas and diesel content standards.

Quality Standard

On May 14, 2012, the Environmental Protection Administration issued the revised Air Quality Standards, which included PM2.5 air quality standards and placed the impact on health(based on Taiwan’s health-impact reserch results) as the most important consideration.

Design concept

  • Environmental Production & Energy Reclamation

    LOTUS Filters use washable filters and environment protected materials. They feature extra high oil mist collection efficiency up to 98% for reuse, contributing to environmental protection and energy reclamation.

  • Save Energy & Reduce Carbon

    With the low power consumed and high efficiency operation system, electricity consumption and carbon dioxide discharge can be reduced to meet the international trend of energy-saving and carbon reduction.

  • Air Purification

    Metal cutting materials are becoming more and more versatile, especially in high speed machining, the toxic gases generated from coolants are becoming more seriously harmful to human health.